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This weekend Denis and I saw a brief bit about Boston Terriers and have decided that next summer we’ll add to our menagerie and bring a Boston Terrier puppy into our fold. They are apparently great with kids and get along well with other animals if introduced at an early age.

Cooper needs a playmate – the poor guy tries to play with the cats but they want nothing to do with him. I think his whole outlook would change if we bring in another dog. So we told him that if he can just hold on for one more year, we’ll give him a brother of his own sometime next summer.

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    … is what I will be calling your address next summer. (had your address written out but then was like… OOopps… delete delete delete)

    As for the Boston Terrier as a pet… Very Cute, adorable as a puppy. They do get along very well with other pets, company and strangers who just happen to come along. Bit high strung for my liking, at least the the Boston Terrier I knew was. My friend had one till it choked itself on its own leash. Not a very bright dog now that I think about it more. But oh so cute and they are great with Kids! So with all these pets, are you going to need my help packing this winter, since you must be ready to buy a bigger house.

  2. Jen, Denis is the one that actually brought it up as a possibility – not me.

    Ace – no, no moving on our end, at least not for another 3-5 years. Then we’ll see.

  3. Madness – I think Denis is losing his mind! He barely tolerates Cooper… 😆 Unless that’s all a ruse and he actually adores Cooper.

  4. He likes Cooper when he isn’t acting like a spaz, but when Cooper gets hyper, that’s when Denis can’t take it. I think Denis thinks Cooper would be better if he had a dog playmate to get hyper WITH – this way we can let them out back and let them play to their heart’s content and then be calm when in the house. At least, that’s his thinking.

  5. Yes, I love Cooper, but he can be a spaz and a begger, which I don’t like. I’ll train the second dog correctly this time. And hopefully, he’ll train Cooper. What’s another dog when you have one, four cats and two infants soon enough?

  6. :rotfl:

    I have no doubt that Cooper will be training the new one, not the other way around. Cooper will be the alpha dog, after all.

  7. I ditto everything that Jen has said. The second dog always mimics the first. And you think the playing and hyperactivity will be confined to the backyard? Do you both thrive on mayhem??? Me thinks you may change your mind once there are two toddlers in your midst.

  8. I don’t speak much here, but this time LISTEN TO ME! No new dog. No terrier. YOU think you will train him, but Cooper will undo everything you try to do, guaranteed. You’ll end up with two Coopers, only it’s more than two, it’s two plus something. Madness, madness, I tell you!

    Put down the leash and back away and nobody gets hurt.

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