I’m With The Band

So last night was band practice at the church office. Obi and I are the only ones singing this Sunday, and we’re going to be singing a song that he wrote last year. Well, partially wrote it last year – the rest of it he wrote up yesterday. It’s a good song – uptempo and fun. Since it was a brand-new song to me I had to fish around for some harmonies and I kept naturally gravitating for the bassline harmony because it’s so easy to pick out (my sister does the same thing). Obi asked me to sing a middle harmony, which I managed to find.

When rehearsal was done we were about to have a meeting (which will be discussed in the next post), and Obi said, “Hey, Jaynee, when Ryan comes back from his tour we’re going to go into the studio and record that song as a side project. Do you want to sing on it with us?”

Part of me was really flattered, the other half wanted to laugh. ME? I can’t remember if I actually said yes – I may have. We’ll see if he remembers when the time comes. Ryan is on tour with his band until the end of year, I believe. The impending rock star status of Jaynee may never come to fruition.

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  1. Heh.

    That’s like when the guy I used to work with asked me to sing on their recorded cover of Stairway to Heaven. Odd and hilarious.

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