I’m Tired, So Tired

I’m not even involved in Tax Day tomorrow and I’m exhausted nonetheless. Mr. BIL has been up to his armpits in estate tax returns and as a result I’m up to my armpits in other unfinished items that could be finished but can’t. I guess I can’t mind too much – I got here 30 minutes late this morning because of an accident on I-77. So, by getting here at 10 a.m. he had ample opportunity to have all his time snapped up by his paralegal.

I did manage to get in touch with a plumber to come look at our water heater on Wednesday morning. At this point we don’t know whether Denis or I will stay home to meet him, but either way it’ll get looked at on Wednesday, which is a good thing. I actually went in the garage to look at it last night and didn’t see any water on the garage floor, which is a good sign that the leak is pretty minor. I’m still hopeful that a little duct tape will be all that’s needed. 🙂

I need to get a new battery for my PDA. Despite having it fully-charged, within about 20 seconds it goes down to 91% charged. And a couple minutes after that it goes down to 83% charged. Not good. Especially since my backup battery is pretty much dead as a doornail too. So I guess that means I need TWO batteries.

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