I’m Spoiled By Prime Shipping

Yesterday I ordered a couple more DVD wallets since we now have a large number of cases sitting on our entertainment unit shelf. And I had an “ugh” moment when I realized that since I wasn’t using Amazon I couldn’t enjoy my usual Amazon Prime shipping. I signed up a few months ago after taking the time to calculate my average yearly shipping costs. Turns out, before I used Prime I was paying over $200/year on shipping at Amazon (yes, I shop there a lot). Amazon Prime? $79 for the *entire year* of shipping no matter how large or small your order – if it’s eligible for Amazon Prime, it doesn’t matter if you are buying a $5 book or a $500 treadmill. So just by signing up I saved at LEAST $120. But not only that – the shipping I enjoy is TWO-DAY shipping! So I get everything pretty soon after I order it instead of having to wait a week! Nice!

I’ll be curious to see how long it takes to get the DVD wallets. If it had been Amazon I would know I’d be getting them tomorrow. But since it wasn’t….MAYBE Friday? If I’m lucky?

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