I’m Sorry, But…

You gotta love any song with the following lyrics:

Star Wars

I could take you up to Carnegie
I could sing from “Hair” with all the harmonies
I could write one, listen to me
Well, I could take a Star Wars movie

Writing songs about Ewoks and Luke & things
I’d be Ben Kenobe’s little wild thing!
Any old time that I’m feeling like Han and I could
Take on an Emperial Starship.. Starship..

Leia and me, well we’re down with C3
and he’s waxing R2 for our long trip to Squadron 29
Lando, he’s fine
(Lando is fiii-iiiine)
Chewie’s a mime!
(Chewie’s a mime)
And the Force is FINE!

That’s Sifl n Olly, the greatest sock puppets of all time. Don’t believe me? Watch some clips.

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