I’m Sore, But It Was Worth Every Ache!

So today we had two missions: get the vegetable garden bed done, and tackle the front garden area. We got an early start, heading to our local Big Box store to get the supplies. In all we ended up making three trips to the Big Box to get everything. But the end result? Spectacular!

First we unloaded the 24 bags of topsoil and garden soil we got during our first trip for Denis’ veggie garden, as well as the various items for my front garden. We had just enough time to take a “before” picture and rip out the old stuff before I had to take CootieBoy to a birthday party.

Here’s the before:

Isn’t it awful? The original owners had English ivy there, which I can’t understand. Who puts ivy in a garden bed right next to their house? Not me! When we ripped it out we laid down fresh weed barrier and rubber mulch, which was ridiculous. The mulch would blow all over the place in a rainstorm, and the weed barrier was more like a weed cultivator. As you can see.

Anyway, once I got home from taking CootieBoy to the party I began laying down the new weed barrier along with the edging pavers. I only got about half done before I had to leave to go pick up CootieBoy from the party. While I was gone Denis took care of getting out the last of the ivy that was still lingering in the front garden area. That stuff is pernicious and I hope that’s the last we’ll see of it.

After picking up CootieBoy he and I headed back to the Big Box for the second time and picked up more river rock and edging pavers. Upon arriving home I went right to work, with Denis’s help. We got down the remaining pavers (just enough!) and river rock, only to find we STILL needed more river rock. We had already used 15-20 bags at this point. Yeesh.

Denis wanted to go to the grocery store, so he agreed to pick up more river rock. While he was gone I brought my flower containers to the front and arranged things the way I wanted. Then upon his return (with 10 more bags) we laid out the rest of the river rock.

We’ll still need more rock in order to go under the shrubs and up against the house, but we’ll pick up 5-6 more bags next weekend. In the meantime, I’m very pleased with the final result. And I’m sure our neighbors are happier too. *lol*

Another angle:

Next week, we prep the front yard to extend the landscaping bed – this will include getting out all the old mulch, weed barriers and grass, then laying down fresh weed barrier and edging.

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  1. Looks fantastic! One suggestion ~ as I look at the work you have finished already, I like the contrast in color and texture that you have between the shrub area and the pavers and rock ground cover. If I were you, I’d use double shredded mulch to put around the shrubs to maintain good moisture and better eye appeal. All in all a job well done!!

  2. OMG, that is phenomenal – AWESOME job! and I bet you’ll be receiving thumbs up from the neighbors 🙂 Nobody wants to live next door to “those people who don’t care for their garden” *LOL*!!!!

  3. VERY nice! I like that look, and have to admit I wouldn’t have thought to make an area for containers. We always put plants in the ground and then have to deal with the weeds. This is a great idea!

  4. Bev – I figured out while living in NJ that I am not a true gardener – I hate getting on my hands and knees and digging in the dirt to plant flowers. It annoys me. *lol* So putting the bulbs in containers seemed like the perfect solution and much easier upkeep!

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