I’m So Aggravated

So this morning I was planning on making my CD for my pal Noel, and imagine my disgust when two of the five CDs I plan to use are MISSING. I tend to do that a lot, and if I had my original CD collection (300 or so CDs) it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But Denis and I have joined our CD collections and bought a LOT over the past 5 years together, and we now have approximately 1500+ CDs. How the hell am I suppose to find THREE CDs in a mass of 1500+? Well, the good news is that about 1000 I never even look at, so that’s no biggie. But the last time I used these two CDs was to make a CD for Ace, so they have to be together somewhere in this house. I’m so aggravated, because I just now figured out how to burn CDs on our new computer, so I was all amped to do it today and mail it out first thing Monday morning.

Update a short 15 minutes later: I found them! They were in the portable CD pack we use in the car. Phew. I was starting to think I loaned them to someone and couldn’t remember who! YAY!

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  1. Jen, I thought someone had hacked us, but I guess this is from Kirby. Let me know if this is the case. Meanwhile, Jane is at her doctor’s appointment today. We are hoping he’ll be able to tell us the sex of the baby today. We’ll let you know.

  2. Jen, Kirby’s posts were all summarily deleted, but I had to laugh at a couple of them because I recognized them as Mommie Dearest quotes. But we’ve decided to make this as “family friendly” a site as we could find, thus Denis used his webmastery authority to delete them all.

    Tell Kirb he’s a spaz.

  3. I told Kirby to keep it clean and he refused to listen! He hijacked my computer chair yesterday morning and I couldn’t get him to give it back. He was enjoying himself at my expense… *rueful grin*

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