I’m Sleeveless

This morning while getting dressed for work I opted to go sleeveless. Now, if you knew me in real life you’d realize that I never go sleeveless unless I’m staying at home or desperately hot. But, while getting ready for work I decided to live dangerously and wear a sleeveless shirt to work.

I thought it would be a big deal, but alas NO ONE has said a word to me about it. The flowers I bought for my desk got more attention than my matronly upper arms. On one hand I’m thrilled that I’m getting away with it, but another part of me wonders if the reason I’ve not heard a word is because it’s all being said behind my back.

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  1. I have a feeling you’re more sensitive about your arms than they require. I’m the same way…although I’ve noticed other women with not so small arms out there without sleeves and they don’t look horrendous. I’m not that brave though.

  2. DEFINATELY over-sensitive about the arms there miss jaynee ! and NOBODY is mincing words behind your back – as a matter of fact you look rater bright and springy today in your sleeveless lemon – folks are not that bad here at the office and anyway the main “head-to-toe-lookover’ is out of th eoffice today *lol* !!

  3. How come I never get flowers? Just kidding. I don’t need flowers. And we can’t afford them. *lol*

  4. can someone tell me what link denis is supposed to be responding to …. flowers ? whats flowers got to do with sleeveless shirts ????

  5. Mare-bear, did you miss this part of the post?

    “The flowers I bought for my desk got more attention than my matronly upper arms.”

  6. i tell you *sigh* its the american history exam that i am studying for … and i guess everything else just pales in comparison to the constitution, the preamble,justice department etc.,etc., – my fault dman

  7. it’s not on the list of 100 questions d – thats all i am studying for – nothing more !

    but tell me how many representatives are there in congress ? …….

  8. mbm, I don’t believe the number of representatives to Congress is a fixed number. The number of reps is based on the census though.

  9. There is a current number, but that number changes according to the number of people in the country. I think. At least the distribution of that number changes, I’m not sure the actual number goes up and down.

    Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?

  10. Francis Scott Key.

    I never wear sleeveless shirts. I also never wear shorts. However if I ever get a short-term eating disorder and lose 50 lbs., I plan on dispensing with clothes altogether.

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