I’m Posting this in Honor of Jaynee

I found this link by a guest author on Jen Speaks: Buffyspeak much?.

Tonight marks the end of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Whoo Hoo!!! I get my Tuesdays back. Jaynee will probably deny this but she hated Buffy when it first came out and LOVED the TV show “Angel”. Now it’s the other way around.

I, for one, say the end of the series couldn’t come soon enough. The only problem is this frees up Sarah Michelle for more Scooby Doo sequels. Bring back Buffy! Death is her gift, but she could have had better timing and kicked the bucket of vampire blood after the second or even first season — and the world would have been a safer place. Now maybe show creator Josh Wieden (sp?) will retire and hang up his spike and spare us all of his creative genius. *lol*

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  1. It’s not that I HATED “Buffy” when it first came out, I just didn’t see the first three seasons except for “Band Candy” and the Season Three finale. Then I was hooked and began watching in Season Four despite being completely ignorant of the characters. And Season Four coincided with Season One of “Angel”, thus my reason for liking that show more at the outset – I was coming into it at the BEGINNING and didn’t have to know much backstory. But now “Angel” sucks and “Buffy” isn’t much better these days.

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