I’m Old…No Wait, No I’m Not!

Last night at Synergy we did aerobics to an old Jane Fonda tape. It was very 1980s and we had a good laugh at some of the “workout clothes” that the group wore on the videotape. At some point on the tape Jane did a move that made me laugh out loud. The women all wanted to know what I was laughing about, and so I told them that when I went to clubs I used to do the particular move as a joke while dancing. I can remember doing the aerobics move with Gladys at Tracks all the time and laughing ourselves silly.

When we were done we were laughing about the “Miami Vice” aura around the video, and one of the ladies said, “Back then I was more into punk than I was into Miami Vice.”

And it was then that I realized that this woman and I are the same age. But for some reason I thought she was older than me by a lot of years. I feel younger than a lot of the women at my church. I’m 35 years old and I’m young. But when I meet someone who is 36 I just get this impression that they are older than me because mentally I still feel like a young adult. It’s really weird and difficult to explain.

I don’t know if it’s from my years of clubbing and going to raves that makes me feel younger than people my age who never did that. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have two very young children compared to other women my age who have pre-teens.

But it makes me wonder what those women think of ME. I’m the same age as them, but do they consider me the same?

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  1. Is that the Jane Fonda workout that begins with the Michael Jackson song? It’s cheesy from the very beginning with “can you feel it? can you feel it? can you feeeeel it?”. My mom used to workout to that tape.
    As for the age thing, we are the same age and I feel the same way you do. I meet women my age and always guess that they are older than me. When I look in the mirror I don’t think I look old (except for when I smile really big I can see some laugh lines). Perhaps I’m deluding myself, but I’ll happily stay naive on this one.