I’m Meeting Jhames!

Well, I just got off the phone with Jhames and can I tell you he sounds like the sweetest thing next to Costa Rican Vanilla? We’re going to meet up tomorrow for lunch and pie. I’m so excited. Aren’t you insanely jealous?

In other news, my pal Gladball emailed me in a panic because she likes a boy (we’ll call him No Call Boy since he didn’t call her for two weeks). Long story short, he finally DID call her and now she’s all nervous and wondering what she’s going to do next. Now, if you knew Gladball you’d know that is not like her at all – she’s super-confident, super-cute and super-fun. It’s just been a while since she actually had an interest in someone of the male persuasion, so she’s goosed. She actually said this in her email: “later on your cell rings, you screen your call, messge was left, you retrieve your message and IT’S HIM!!!, *then you jump for joy*, then you hit panic mode!, what do you talk about???”

Um, since when did Gladball return to high school? *lol* I told her to call him back, meet up for drinks, have a good time and not worry about it. She’s concerned that he might be dating someone already, so I told her to find that out during the casual conversation over the aforementioned drinks. I also told her not to get sot.

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