I’m In Love With Anderson Cooper

I know, I know. I’ve mentioned my adoration of Anderson Cooper before. But now I really mean it. During last night’s episode of “The Mole 2” I laughed multiple times at his goofiness. That’s such a turn on (after all, Denis is King of the Goofs and I married him). So Elavia took the $50K and left the game – I would have, too. I wouldn’t have even debated. I would have taken the suitcase, saluted the other players, promptly grabbed Anderson into a big smooch and begged him to run away with me. What cracked me up was the reaction of all the players- they ALL thought she was the Mole. And now that she’s gone they’ll all think it’s Dorothy. I don’t think it is. The only one who didn’t show much of a reaction last night was Heather. But I still believe it’s Katie, now that my girl Myra was kicked off last week.

As for last night’s “American Idol”, my boy Justin sang, but it was the girl who sang Aretha’s “Respect” that blew me away. She was good. I definitely believe those two will be in the top three as well as the girl who sang “Run To You” and received praise from Simon (which as we all know is rare).

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  1. You know, I really don’t remember the Respect girl from the first couple of episodes. I never expected that voice to come out of her!

  2. Me either! Simon obviously wasn’t alone last night when he said he didn’t even know who she was. *lol* Seems like a lot of us thought the same thing last night! But man, can she ever belt a tune…

  3. Jhames, are you disappointed to find out that I love Reality TV? Well, I do. I’m not a big fan of artsy-fartsy programming. Give me the WB, UPN and all the stupid stunt game shows in your arsenal! I’ll tune in each and every time. =)

  4. Dorothy is the mole. I’ve said that from early on. Although I have to admit that I had the fleeting thought last night that Katie would be the most surprising mole since she’s so out there with her emotions. Heather raised some red flags too. But I’m sticking with Dorothy…

    And Anderson is definitely goofy cute. I’m still trying to figure out his age b/c the premature grey is throwing me off. But I do like the salt & pepper hair. Cute, cute, cute…

  5. Sorry, girls, but Anderson’s gay – openly so and proud of it. Maybe you knew that. But it’s not as if there aren’t plenty of cute guys for you…

  6. Does Anderson have old money, after all he is the son of one of NYC’s true socialites, Gloris Vandervilt.

  7. Ha! Anderson is a devilishly attractive guy! It seems that I was right on him being gay after a couple minutes of searching….If only the news anchor off of CNN Headlines News named Thomas Roberts were gay…..Now he’s hot! Alas, he’s prolly married to some lovely woman, (I wouldn’t mind her either…) Anyhow, e-mail me if you seem to have the same adoration for Thomas! lol : )

  8. Anderson is adorable, but I must agree w/Chris, Thomas Roberts is hot, he has a great smile and those lips! Anyway, does anyone know anything about him?

  9. Oh my God!!!I do not believe Anderson Cooper is gay!!Not that I have anything against them but I love him, that can not be!!By the way he is 36 years old.I need someone to give me proof that he is gay.Well if he is that is just too darn bad…wait that would be a sin if he was because well I’m in love with him.Anyhow if any concrete information on his sexual preferences please let me know.He is the reason I am studying journalism.

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