I’m Home

JUST as I was done paying for my lunch and on my way back to my office, my phone rang – I was told that I needed to go pick up the kids at daycare because Denis was unavailable. I took my food upstairs, asked my bosses (who both were very nice about it), wrapped my food in foil and left. As I was leaving Mr. Russell told me to go ahead and make sure that IT gives me server access on my laptop so that in the future I can work from home. He said, “You pretty much have the hang of things at this point and there’s a lot you can do from home if you need to – so let’s get you rolling on that occasional telecommuting.”

At daycare, CootieBoy looked miserable – he was just down for a nap but still awake. His eyes are dark and tired. However, he smiled when he saw me and dropped his head on my shoulder the moment I picked him up. CootieGirl was also down for a nap and looked like a ghost when they brought her out of the napping room. She all but collapsed into my arms as well.

At this point the :puke: is over, but now they both have vicious diarrhea that just won’t stop – in fact, one reason I had to pick them up was that they had no more clean clothes left to put on!

Upon arriving home I put CootieBoy down – he fell asleep in about 2 minutes. CootieGirl is now on the sofa watching “Dora” and reluctantly eating some toast. Mr. Sutherland has a webcast at 3 p.m. and upon getting the kids settled I promptly logged into the system and sent myself and invite so I could make sure all goes well at 3 p.m. I gave him my cell phone number in case he needs to call me with any issues at 3 p.m.

Let’s hope he doesn’t.

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  1. Gosh, we are running pretty close to a “point of no return” where this sickness is concerned ~ to travel or not to travel, that is the question, for all of us.

  2. Marmie, I tend to agree – don’t know what we’ll do – our tickets are nonrefundable because I used mileage to get them. We can’t afford to let those go, nor can we really afford any change fees we’d incur to change them.

    So let’s pray the kids get better. CootieBoy just has diarrhea at this point – no more vomiting. CootieGirl did throw up about an hour ago, but she’s now in great spirits – playing with Daddy and having a ball. This entire time she has had it worse than CootieBoy…she’s the one to be concerned about at this point.

  3. How much would the airline change fees be? My train tickets can be cancelled no problem and re-scheduled. As for my schedule, I am free all weekends in January so can be flexible. My concern is that one or both of you may come down with the crud while you’re away.

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I’m Home

I left work at 3:45 p.m. and only just now got home (5:30 p.m.). That’s a long commute.

The snow wasn’t sticking on the streets at all when I left NYC, but by the time I got to my car at 5:20 p.m. it had about 2 inches of wet snow on it. The sidewalks are covered and the streets are pretty slushy.

I’m glad I took the offer by my boss to leave a bit early – I imagine the commute home right now is probably pretty bad. As it was it took forever to get to the Port Authority, then I waited in line (which I usually don’t have to do) and then the bus took forever (comparatively).

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I’m Home!

Well, it’s 1:28 a.m. on Tuesday, but it’s still Monday night to me. I got home about an hour ago – I decided to leave today instead of tomorrow (er…today). This way I have a full day to clean my house and get things in order before I return to work on Wednesday. We have a bunch of people from church coming over on Wednesday night so I have to prepare for that as well.

What’s ironic about me going back to work after 8 weeks of maternity leave: in the mail this weekend I got a jury duty summons. I have to report on November 18, although I wonder if I can postpone it.

In other (not so good news): The hospital where I gave birth claims I owe them about $700 for some reason. Needless to say a phone call will be made in the morning to ask why they feel I owe them money. It had BETTER NOT BE for that stupid psychiatrist they made me talk to about my post-partem depression because if it is I’m going to demand my doctor pay for it since they forced me to meet with her in the first place. *I* am not paying for it since I didn’t want to talk to her.

And now, I’m going to bed.

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  1. Glad you’re home safe. I am sure that you will enjoy the extra day off before going back to work.

    Hospital’s always try to stick it to you one way or another. Give’em Hell Jane!

  2. So glad you made it home without any further delays. How did the kids do on the ride? Have a good, productive day before heading back to work tomorrow. I miss you already.

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