I’m Home!

Let it be said, “There’s no place like home.” I’m truly queen of my castle sitting in my recliner, drinkng chocolate milk, eating waffles, dog at my side, mother tending to infant, wondering what to do with my day. Sleep? Watch a movie? the house is my oyster.

My stitches were taken out today and I instantly felt better — less pain while moving around. Last night I was really sore and needed help getting into bed. This morning I still asked for help but didn’t have the searing hot pain while they helped me get up for the day.

We got discharged from the hospital and went to put CootieGirl in her car seat. For some reason it would only accept an infant the size of a grapefruit. So I sat in the back seat with her and we managed to get half her body locked in. On the ride home, I held the other side. Luckily, it’s a short ride home. Even more luckly, it seems our little CootieGirl likes car rides.

We’ve already received lots of “advice” on how to care for our newly arrived infant. Magically, a lot of it conflicts, much like many well-intentioned pregnancy advice. What’s the polite way to say “Thanks, but we can do this ourselves.” Is there a polite way? Somehow I think not, which means I am stuck nodding my head politely and replying “Oh, that could be helpful — thanks.” Gag.

True to mom form, the house is immaculate. (editor’s note: I think I helped too.) She’s a star.

Upon arriving home Cooper attempted to jump on me as he always does, but I managed to dissuade him and gave him permission to jump up on my hip. He’s been devine since. Of course, he hasn’t even seen CootieGirl yet, so all bets may be off once he gets a look at the new toy.

I’m sleepy, may go take a nap. More later!

Denis Adds: The picture of CG was taken just before we left the hospital and just before she spit up on her going-home outfit, which is now being washed.

I just got finished helping Jane into bed, lifting legs, positioning body parts, proping up pillows. They can’t pay nurses’ aides enough money. I have to get Jaynee’s perscription filled and run some other errands now.

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  1. Thats it Denis- I am going to take you clothes shopping when I go in future – Great outfit.

    p.s. – get used to the washing of clothes being ‘spit-upon’ !!

  2. Mary, I think you do just fine with your wardrobe without me, but I’m glad you like the choice. Jaynee picked out the hat.

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