I’m Gettin’ Excited

I’m only just back from one travel and gearing up for the next. In less than two weeks Denis and I are hopping a plane for New Orleans for a long weekend. We’re meeting up with our friends JHP and LP – it’ll be one hilarious weekend hanging with them, I’m sure. I’m so exhausted from the Buffy weekend that I can’t even fathom taking another trip. Even more of a bummer is that I’ve spent so much money this month that I won’t have any left for New Orleans, which means I might not be able to participate in the Fiestaware Auction I was hoping to attend. No new pieces for me. =( And THAT means that by not being able to attend due to lack of funds, LP wins the bet on whether I’d go to the auction in the first place. She felt that I’d be having so much fun with them that I wouldn’t even take part in ANY of the conference festivities (it was my initial reason for going to NOLA in the first place). So she gets a nice tasty beverage courtesy of me when we meet up in NOLA.

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  1. There is no point in going to N’awlins in the middle of the summer if you aren’t going to take part in the auction. We’ll discuss this. It all depends on how much you were expecting to lose. Much like in the casino.

  2. Well, seeing as HLCCA never sent me the auction list of what’s available, I can’t even tell you the likelihood of me buying anything in the first place. Harrah’s Casino is starting to look like a viable option for us…

  3. Again, if you aren’t going to this Fiesta auction, I don’t see the point of going to N’awlins, the third sweatiest city in America, during the summer. If I’m sweating, you’re buying something.

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