I’m Exhausted

What a crazy weekend – I feel like I didn’t have a break of any kind the entire time.

We attempted to go cold-turkey on diapers for CootieGirl. Didn’t work out too well. Four accidents on Saturday caused me to give up if only because we were running out of carpet cleaner.

Plenty of pool time for the kids – Saturday was CootieBoy’s day, Sunday was CootieGirl’s.

Yesterday’s church service went well – I sang the lead on “Over and Over Again” and got compared to Debbie Harry and Karen Carpenter. *lol* Lots of compliments all around – I’m glad it went well.

My nails look horrific. I planned on cleaning off the nail polish this morning and just never had time. *sigh*

If you’ve been reading on CootieGirl’s tantrums over on Cootiepie, you’ll be happy to hear that we only had one real tantrum this weekend and I nipped it in the bud pretty quickly and we moved on.

Our chore list is working well. Every day we’ve done our chores, although Denis tends to “work ahead”. My chore for today is laundry, which might be a bit difficult because tonight is worship night for church as well as band practice. I’ll have the kids with me, which will make it interesting, to say the least. Denis is meeting a bunch of friends in the city to hang out for a few hours. With any luck we’ll finish at a decent time and I can come home and do at least ONE load of laundry before bedtime.

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