I’m a Sucker, Too

So last night I watched “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. As always, the family whose house gets remodeled was a great family worthy of the renovation. The Vardon Family is a family that has two deaf parents, one blind and autistic son, and another son who had no disabilities whatsoever. It was a touching episode because you could see that Stefan, the older non-disability son, obviously loved and adored his family, regardless of the difficulties. Well, Ty got together with Marlee Matlin (the deaf actress) and got a $50K scholarship for Stefan to go to college. Great episode and I loved the technology that they put in the house for the family.

What cracks me up about the show is the design team. Those guys are suckers, man. Every single week these guys break down in tears when talking about the families they are working for. Every single week. I can understand the girls crying every week, but it’s always the guys that they show waterworking first. It’s hilarious and endearing all at the same time.

And every week as they begin to cry, I begin to cry because it’s so obvious that it’s not put on – that these guys doing the construction and design of the new house genuinely are touched at the effect they have in people’s lives.

Yeah, I’m a sucker too.

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  1. I saw a bit of that show when I was surfing. I hate that I forgot to go back to see the finished house. And I’ve noticed that the guys on the crew get choked up first. Very touching.

  2. I saw that episode, too. First one I ever watched. That family definitely deserved what they got, particularly the young boy who is the only non-physically challenged. What a burden he has to carry! And he seemed to do that with a lot of grace. Very mature teen.

  3. I work about 15 minutes from that house and have taken a ride by on lunch before with other co-workers. I think they got done so fast was because they didn’t really add anything on to the house except raising the roof on the front even though they took it down to studs. The house looks wonderful and I think this was one of their best episodes!

  4. I think Extreme Home Makeover must be the number one tear jerker around! So many of my friends have confessed that this is one of their guilty pleasures, and that they end up in a snurfling puddle by the end (self-included). They’ve been doing a great job lately of picking worthwhile families too. It’s gotta be a great show if I can get past Ty Penninton’s over-the-top hamming.

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