If You COULD Take It With You

Social-spark-315x235So here’s a fun question: If you knew Planet Earth as you know it was coming to an end. What’s the ONE thing you would take with you to the new Earth? A book? A favorite board game? A certain kind of food? Your computer?

It’s a tough one, and I’ll presume that we’re only taking about INANIMATE OBJECTS (that’s for Ace, who listed the obvious things like his dog and his man to take with him last time I asked a similar question). Presume that your human/pet loved ones are also going to the new Earth. But if you want ONE thing – THING – to have a presence on the new Earth, what would it be?

Well, presuming that other people would take the Bible, I’d have to say a copy of “A Prayer For Owen Meany.” I talk about my love for that book a lot – and for good reason. It is hands down the best book ever written. I have such love for that book, that I think I’d absolutely take it with me to make sure that this brilliant piece of writing lives on. *sigh*

There’s a great new video game that ponders life in a new Earth. The tagline is awesome: Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. Would humanity be saved by my book choice? Maybe not, but they’d certainly be inspired. And while I’m not necessarily into these types of videogames, the graphics look absolutely amazing (the website has clips). I love the website because it has polls that you can take about some of your favorites. Right now they have a completed poll about the best movie ever made. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings hold the top two spots. Hee. They are also offering a free trial to the game called Tabula Rasa. And I hate to admit this, but I only know that Tabula Rasa means “clean slate” because I’m a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Whatareyagonnado?

Anyway, the Operation Immortality game looks pretty cool and I may see if I can rent it and see if the game is as good as its graphics.

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