Ice Cream! Ice Cream!

Last night we took advantage of 31 cent ice cream day at Baskin Robbins. Or, as Denis called it, “spending $3 in gas to get $1 of ice cream.” However, the kids loved it. CootieBoy was literally – LITERALLY – jumping in excitement as we waited in line. We got there at the right time – around 8 p.m. There were only a dozen people ahead of us in line. By the time we got our ice cream the line was easily 30-40 deep, going out the door.

CootieGirl got a scoop of cotton candy ice cream, CootieBoy got pink bubblegum, and I got chocolate chip cookie dough. CG let me taste her cotton candy ice cream and it really did taste like cotton candy! Delish! CB got his ice cream on a cone, and did surprisingly well with it. Given the fact that the night before he had an ice cream cone at home and got ice cream EVERYWHERE, he really only made a mess as he was getting out of the van, and even then it was actually MY fault, not his. But it wasn’t too bad.

I’ve heard a rumor that there will be more free ice cream available in the next week or so – when I hear about it I’ll let you know. So you, too, can spend $3 in gas to get $1 of ice cream!

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