I Wish It Was Saturday

Why can’t it be Saturday? This morning when Denis woke me up I seriously wished it was Saturday and not Friday. Alas, I got up and came into work against my wishes. The weekend should be fairly quiet – a welcome relief from weekends of activity over the past month. Our “Game Night” was cancelled due to lack of interest, but Gladball is still coming over. We’ll probably go check out a movie or drag her bowling or something. That’s about the extend of my activity this weekend. Sunday will be spent in bed, sleeping and doing nothing. It’s going to be GLORIOUS and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. I know how you feel. There’s nothing worse that waking up on a workday, particularly this week. I think all the anticipation we built up for the Labor Day weekend (particularly this soggy one) ruins the days after.

    Enjoy your quiet weekend!

  2. No, Cooper can sleep on the bed with me on Sunday – I let him do that a couple weeks ago and he was in HEAVEN. I just never told you cuz I know you have a thing about not letting the dog on the bed. =)

  3. Actually, you came up with that rule, and it sounded like a great rule, but now I see rules are made to be broke. This is why he always wants to jump up on the bed now. You give a dog an inch, and he wants the whole hot dog. Whatever that means.

  4. Ummmm…I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but didn’t I say before you got Cooper, and the topic of Cooper-on/not on-the-bed, that the day would come when you allowed him on the bed?

    *crowing with delight*

    I was right! I was right! I was right!

    *woo hoo*

    Oh, and I see that you’re reading The Remnant…it’s good. Better than the last one.

  5. Well, technically he’s not allowed on the bed since when he gets on the bed we shoo him off, and he sleeps on his own bed NEXT to our bed. I just let him up on the bed for about 15 minutes for a quick nap. In my mind, one nap every two weeks does not a regular habit make.

  6. uh-hunh…that doesn’t wash, sweetie. He’s either not allowed or he’s allowed. Once you break down that barrier for him you can’t put it back up. Dogs don’t understand the concept of “sometimes” – it’s all or nothin’. You should know that! 😉

    I’m winning this one, babee!! *heh, heh*

  7. I so understand dogs better than Jaynee and I don’t even like them very much. I know they don’t understand the concept of sometimes. They have brains like peas. It’s either on or off. Or you can say they have brains like computers. On, off. They are geniuses.

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