I Wanna Be on TV

So I love watching tv shows like TLC’s Trading Spaces, HGTV’s Designing for the Sexes, and BBC America’s Ground Force. I watch these and other shows and think, I need to apply to be on those shows!.

My neighbors have already ix-nayed doing “Trading Spaces” – in fact, I think at this point I’d be afraid to let Hildy in my house in case she decides to cover my walls in cardboard egg cartons. “A Baby Story” would be fun – although 1) I’m not pregnant and 2) I don’t need America to see me, legs akimbo, straining to give birth. However, I’m all over shows like “Designing for the Sexes”, “Ground Force”, and even “While You Were Out”, a new show on TLC that starts in the fall.

I actually went to the “Ground Force” website a few months ago to see if they were ever coming to America and all I saw was “Due to high volume, we are no longer accepting emails for participants on the show.” I was saddened by that. Then last week I was distraught to see a simple 10 second commercial on BBC America: a sign that said, “Ground Force – New York“. WHAT?! THAT’S NOT FAIR! *I* WANTED TO BE ON THE SHOW! I HAVE TO MEET ALAN TITCHMARSH!

I mean, granted, they were doing the event in NY with Bette Midler as opposed to Dolly Smith of Brooklyn, but still – I long for the day that I return from a two day trip to find Denis and Alan in my backyard, showing me my lovely new English Cottage Garden.

I’m devastated really.

In other news, I emailed the production company in charge of various reality tv shows to find out why they only film in Los Angeles and not New York. I don’t know if I’ll hear back at all, but I’m hoping I get an email saying, “Why, yes, we plan on accepting applications for New York beginning in _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blank with a date in the not-to-distant future).”

It’s not Ground Force, but it would still be fun.

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  1. “I don’t need America to see me, legs akimbo, straining to give birth.” Jaynee! I can’t stop laughing. Too funny.

    And good call on not having the Hilde wench have her way with your house.

  2. You know, I got a call from the production intern from a Wedding Story. If I had known how badly you wanted to be on reality tv, I would have given you her phone number…

  3. GAH!!!! Tam, I’m already married but I WISH you still had her number….

    I know that sometime in the future I’ll be on tv – on whatever reality show I can get on. But it WILL happen.

  4. Remember, I’m not filling out any applications for Ground Force, so if you did get picked, you’d be the one staying home for two days working on that English Garden I couldn’t really care less about while I take that two-day holiday. Just give me pavement.

  5. Is it me or does everyone else get the word “null” in the name, e-mail, and homepage field above after you’ve checked “Remember Me”?

  6. Den, it works for me – it has all my info filled out correctly for me since I hit “remember me” when I first posted after fixing the code.

  7. I would like to know if Michael Pane on HGTV with Designing for the Sexes would ever look at pictures of my Kitchen to give us some good ideas on how to remodel it. My husband and I have different ideas on how to do it. We plan on removing everything and starting over. We would like to have Michael Payne help us with some ideas because he does a fantastic job on the show .

  8. My husband is such a hard worker and does not have much time at home. He is a truck driver snd likes to have a room of his own to be able to rest and relax while he is home. There is nothing I could do that would make him happier than to make our family room into his own private sanctuary. He has tried for 20 years to fix this room. When we built this home he did’t have it completely finished because he thought he could finish it but just does not have the time.
    He is one of a kind because he does not want me to work so he works extra hard. I could never do anything that would surprise or make him happier than making his “sanctuary” something that would be “HIS” room.
    I watch While You Were Out all the time and would love to have the oppotunity to do this special thing for him. In all my time of watching this show there has never been one in our part of the country.
    Thanks for such a great show.

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