I Voted – Did You?

Last night’s American Idol was interesting to watch. For the first time in a long time I disagreed with a couple things that Simon said. Usually he and I are completely in sync.

I did manage to cast three votes for three different people. I made those votes about an hour after the polls started, and only after dialing and getting busy signals for about 10 minutes. Once I was able to cast those three votes, I attempted to vote again a few times but kept getting the busy signal, so I eventually gave up, happy to know that I at least got to have my voice heard for three of them.

Who did I vote for? La Toya, who was hands down the best of the night. She was magnificent to watch and is a true performer. I also voted for George, who totally redeemed himself last night (thus, my opposite opinion from Simon). I thought he was fantastic and totally made that song HIS without totally changing the melody. Fantastic! And lastly, I tossed between two other names, and ended up voting for Diana DeGarmo – it wasn’t her best performance, but it was the best we’ve seen in a few weeks from her. And the fact she ended on a perfectly on-pitch note was enough for me, even though she missed a few during the song.

FantaBounce got on my nerves with her shout-outs to Jennifer Hudson. Yes, it’s a travesty that she’s gone. But frankly, FantaBounce, you should be happy she’s gone because you would not have beat her as the competition continued. Jasmine did a decent job – certainly one of her better performances, and she was the other person I debated voting for. However, in the end, I just couldn’t vote for her because her vocals always seem to fade out as the song concludes – as though she’s run a marathon and after running 23 miles has to walk the last stretch because she’s too tired. If she’s that way after one song, how does she expect to do a 90-minute concert?

And poor RH John. I loved Simon’s comments about how RHJ has been a complete gentleman and acts like an adult the entire time despite the barbs constantly thrown at him. I thought that was very nice of Simon to say, and I’m sure it was just what RHJ needed to hear. He knows he’s not the best singer – I read an interview with Jennifer Hudson where she said he’s CONSTANTLY visiting the show’s shrink because of the guilt he feels that he’s still there when others who are more talented are leaving. Hopefully tonight he’ll be put out of his misery and sent home, where he can recover from this ordeal and work on his talent a bit – with some good training and a few more years on him, we just might see him again. After all, if William Hung can have a best selling album, so can Red Headed John.

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  1. LOL FantaBounce? I love it! You know, if John felt so guilty, why doesn’t he just quit? Maybe it is in the contract that he can’t quit. I don’t know. But the boy is a freaking bore!

  2. I agree with you about Simon – I disagreed with his comments to several of the folks last night. And I appreciated his very kind words to RHJ – that was a classy thing to do.

    I was only able to vote for one person – the other two I would have voted for were busy for an hour. I gave up at that point.

    I thought Jasmine was awful last night. She was flat for most of the song. It hurt my ears and I was very happy when it was finally over.

    Diana was very good, I thought.

  3. I voted… four times. I had to bodily check myself from throwing something at the television while Fantasia sang and bounced.

  4. Jen – yes Jasmine was not great last night, but I think the reason she was so out of tune was that the BACK UP SINGERS were horribly out of tune – they were a bigger mess than the contestants. I imagine that probably threw her off a bit, but she still did relatively well compared to other weeks.

    Ash – Denis was saying the same thing about RHJ (that he should just quit).

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