I Think I May Be Insane

Official NaNoWriMo 2002 Participant I think I may be officially insane. I just signed up to participate. Despite the fact that I’ll be traveling the first three days of this contest. But I press on, knowing I already have 1,300 words done on the novel I started a few months ago. So technically I’m only losing two days, not three.

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  1. Good luck! I hope the entries are better than the ones I had to read for PGL. Whatever happend to that site you told me about? Something like a thousand words a day for 30 days or something like that.

  2. *LOL*

    Denis, I agree that PGL was a little disappointing. I didn’t even finish reading the crappy screenplay I was given to review. I just couldn’t do it…and therefore there was no review. But hey.

  3. Good luck to you!!! To be pregnant AND writing a novel in 30 days… You deserve some type of prize for even considering such a thing!!!

  4. The problem now is we need two computers. I can’t write another screenplay in 30 days if Jaynee is writing her novel in 30 days. Let’s hope Jaynee gets a bonus this year.

  5. Wow, theyankeeblogger makes a random appearance at cootiehog…

    J, I look forward to hearing what you’re writing about when we’re driving in the backwoods of North Carolina on Friday.

  6. I’m looking forward to reading it. Can I give my critique like you did on my screenplay? BTW, I threw a Buffy reference in the final version that went to the PGL contest. Maybe that’s why I didn’t crack the top 250. *lol*

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