I Stink

About an hour ago, Mare-Bear and I met up with Denis at the Sephora near my office and tested new colognes for Denis to use. He’s sick of the current arsenal and is looking for a shakeup. We tested over a dozen and ended up narrowing it down to three in particular that we liked. Mare-Bear sprayed her favorite all over herself, and I sprayed one of my arms with my favorite. However, on the other arm I had sprayed two other colognes because Denis had run out of room on HIS arms. So now I’m sitting at my desk feeling quite sick because the three colognes on my arms have melded into this disgusting smell that reeks pretty bad. And I tried washing the one arm that has colognes I don’t like and now add into the mix the nasty office soap smell and it calls for one thing: my vomiting all over my desk.

By the way – we didn’t buy any of the colognes. The best way to shop for perfumes or colognes is to pick out the scent and Sephora and write down the name. Then go online to places like Scentiments and buy them for half the price. NEVER pay full price, people!

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  1. I hate being corned or surprised by “perfume presentatioists” in any department store…especially those that ask/utter “Would you like to try…” just after they have already sprayed a half gallon on you as you try to RUN past them…BTW, thanx for leaving the door open and for the read…you made Eyesaw In Particluar

  2. I also hate cordless keyboards (incorrect spelling issues)…the one in my office pit allows my spelling to look as if a 3 year old typed it!

    *opens window, chucks keyboard, closes window, typing Staples.com web site addy….ordering….

  3. I avoid the perfume counters in department stores. I will walk the long way around the store to avoid being “spritzed” by those hounds…

    Hope you’re having fun at the US Open (it’s 8pm as I type this).

  4. I also avoid perfume counters at the store. Trouble is they are always located right at the store entrance and fi yo go into the store you almost always have to smell them.

    You should also wait until you get home to barf and barf on Denis. After all, if he hadn’t complained you wouldn’t have been looking for a new scent.

  5. I don’t have an arsenal. I have one mostly-used bottle of Joop! What arsenal? If we go to war and fragrances are rationed, I’m a dead man.

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