I Still Haven’t Recovered

Why is it that when you go away for a weekend of fun that you come back completely exhausted and no amount of sleep can make you feel better? Last night was supposed to be chore night (laundry, ironing, etc.) but by 9:30 p.m. I was passed out on the couch as though I hadn’t slept in days. Then on the bus coming in I passed out again until we arrived at Port Authority.

All I know is that I’m one Schmart Schmartie for taking off the Monday after we get back from New Orleans in a couple weeks. I’m going to spend the whole day in bed doing absolutely nothing. It’ll be glorious and I’m already counting the hours to that part of the trip.

Tonight I have to stay up – it’s American Idol time and I need to see my boy Justin and my girl Christina sing their hearts out and take the top two spots.

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