I Should Just Give Up Making Plans Altogether

I’ve always been a PLANNER. It’s my nature to attempt to figure out a plan to do something. Whether it’s paying off debt, going on vacation, or tackling a big project – I plan for it.

And it seems like Every. Single. Time. I make a plan, God has a little giggle and says, “Not so fast!”

Like in January when I came up with this AMAZING schedule for paying off our debt. I envisioned how much faster it would be once the kids were in school full-time, and that we could probably be completely debt free (except for the mortgage) by December 2011. I was overjoyed because it would mean that I could quit work and become a stay at home mom. I had a HUGE email outlining the plan which I intended to send to Denis. And then the VERY day I intended to send it to him, I got laid off from work. Being laid off meant cutting back on expenses, panicking about bills, and yanking the kids out of daycare. In the end, over the past seven months, we’d actually done okay. We’re not making any dramatic headway on our debt, but we’re making it – we’re able to pay our bills each month.

So, you see that post from yesterday? Where I say I’m gonna rock it like June Cleaver? I was going to embrace the stay at homeness in a more complete way?


Guess what happened yesterday? I scheduled three interviews. THREE. After seven months of no bites on my resume save one interview for a job that was way out of my league, I scheduled three interviews in one day.

The one tomorrow is the rescheduled appointment from last week. I honestly didn’t know if they’d actually call me back to reschedule since I cancelled the first one when my allergies took their toll and I could barely breathe. I figured they’d think I was flaky and not call me back. But call they did, and I meet with them tomorrow!

The one on Thursday is a formal interview after an informal phone interview a couple weeks ago. I was excited about this job after getting off the phone call, so I’m pleased they called me back.

The one on Friday isn’t an official interview, it’s more of a meet and greet where I get ten minutes to impress them enough that they choose to bring me back for a formal interview. I have a confident enough personality that I don’t see why they wouldn’t call me back to formally interview for the job they are offering.

Add to that the fact that I received word yesterday that I passed my application exam for a part-time work at home job and was officially able to start, and yesterday was a good day. A crazy, good day.

But I have learned my lesson: no more planning. No more thinking I can plan my future. Because obviously God has other things in store than what *I* think is the best path. And I’m sure I’ll slip up – I’ve been a planner for so long that it’s second nature at this point. But I’m going to give up being surprised when God takes me in another direction altogether.

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