I Saw Stars

So last night once CootieGirl was done with her bath she climbed in our bed to go to sleep. Denis and I climbed in and the three of us watched Doodlebops for a while. Eventually Denis fell asleep (snoring included) and CootieGirl began playing (read: jumping up and down on the bed).

I warned her after she landed particularly hard on one of Denis’ bad knees that she needed to lay calmly and just watch tv or fall asleep. At this point she propelled herself backwards, just in time to land the hardest part of her head on my nose. It hurt like a mother, people. I scrambled off the bed with a loud cry and once in the bathroom my nose started bleeding. Denis brought CootieGirl in to apologize (although I told her I knew it was an accident). CootieGirl patted my arm gently (she does that when she apologizes) and then Denis took her into her own room to go to bed.

My nose stopped bleeding within a couple minutes – fortunately I think most of the damage came from my nosering being jammed into the interior part of my nasal cavity. What’s funny is that I removed my nose ring (a tiny barbell) and it was BENT. Not too much, but still bent.

This morning my nose is still tender and throbs a bit, but at least I don’t have any bruising. My office wouldn’t know what to think of me if I came in with a bruise covering my face, considering my recent bout with pink eye. They’d think I was a total mess. Which I am, but they don’t need to know that.

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