I Saw My Dream House Today

Today I drove around with CootieBoy at a yard sale in Baxter Village. It was a huge neighborhood sale and we were on the hunt for a bike for CootieBoy and a toaster oven that Denis could take to his office because they don’t have one.

We drove through that whole neighborhood (which is no mean feat considering how large it is). We saw a lot of girl bikes, but only a couple boy bikes. And those were all too big. I found a cheap $2 toaster for Denis’ office (but I paid $4 because that sale was specifically to raise funds for a mission trip to Guatemala and even at $4 it was under my $10-for-a-toaster budget).

I saw a couple interesting things – including a street named – WAIT FOR IT – Michael Scott Crossing. I died laughing when I saw that street sign! If that street has named in the past 4 years (which it might have because some parts of Baxter are new), then it was obviously named after “The Office.” Love it.

But then…then I saw my dream house. People, it is a gorgeous house. It’s not big – in fact, I believe it’s only a one story (maybe 1 1/2). But it has a lovely wraparound porch, amazing landscaping, beautiful colors on the house itself, tucked away garage, and it was just…lovely. I plan on heading over there this week to take pictures to add to my “someday we’ll build a house” notebook. And if I’m lucky enough to see someone outside, I may build up the courage to ask for a tour of the inside, or at least the name of the builder and model name.

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