I Picked Up My Number

I picked up my number for my race tomorrow! I’m very excited about the race now that I have my first official number and know that the weather is going to be GORGEOUS. Yippee!

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  1. I’ll take nothing less than first place from you. Just kidding. If you finish the race I’ll be very proud of you. Wish I could be there to cheer you on with CootieGirl. Maybe you’ll run the next race on a weekend and we can do that. Let’s Go Number 8004! Pick up the pace!

  2. Actually, my next race might be on October 26, which is a Sunday. It’s the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff race (5 miles). I’m still debating on this one though, since I have yet to go over 3 miles EVER. I’d have to work REALLY hard to get up to 5 miles in one month. So we’ll see. I have til Oct 12 to register at the cheaper price. If I’m not at 4 miles by October 12, I’ll probably pass on that race.

  3. No, only about 2500 ran. The high number is because a lot of the NY Marathon people “own” their number permanently, so the numbers are high for those just starting with NYRR or doing a pickup race.

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