Well, it pays not to study. I passed the NJ driver’s test this morning and am now the proud owner of a REALLY bad picture of myself for the next four years. It’s hideous. As in “don’t you know I’ve got a migraine and am only two weeks past a c-section and besides that I literally just got out of bed so don’t ask me to smile, just hit the button and take the picture” hideous. Yikes.

So Josh got the boot on AI2 last night. I’m a bit surprised it wasn’t Kimberly, but I guess the audience wanted to take out their revenge on Josh for making Trenyce get booted last week. And besides that, if the fix is in, they want a female in the final three at least.

The season finale of “Angel” was on last night. Let’s hope it was the LAST episode because that show just sucks. I don’t know why I watch it – it’s been a bitter disappointment since Christian Kane left, and frankly, jumped the shark after SEASON TWO, if not in Season One when they killed off Doyle.

My infection is doing better, thanks for asking. Mom cleaned it this morning with little problem – we felt there was definite progress in her abilities as well as my tolerance for being poked and prodded. Too bad she’s leaving tomorrow morning cuz I still don’t know if I’ll be able to do it by myself…

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  1. Mom told me you passed. Congrats! Nice to be a legal driver, huh?

    I know you’ve had a good time with Mom and that she’s been helpful and all, but I’m glad she’s coming home.

    And Happy Mother’s Day, Jaynee! Woo hoo! :smooch:

  2. Ok, while I was waiting for that to post, I got teary about the Mother’s Day thing. How cool is it that you’re a mother? It’s still sort of not real…despite the photographic evidence here daily. Heh.

  3. Congratulations Jaynee!

    Happy 1st Mother’s Day! It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it. Wait until CootieGirl can say Mama or Mommy. It will melt your heart!

  4. It is pretty wild Jaynee’s a mother. Even more wild is I’ll be celebrating Father’s Day next month. Whoo Hoo!!! Another excuse to go out and eat steak cooked by someone else.

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