I Missed the Party.

So last night after the kids went to bed, Denis and I decided to pop in a movie. I had bought “The Last Samurai” a long time ago and we hadn’t watched it yet, so I put in the DVD.

It took a while for us to actually start the movie because we were talking about a couple floorplans I had printed out because I really liked the outside look of the house. But about 8:45pm we finally got it rolling.

Suddenly at 9:00pm it came to me – we were supposed to go to our pastor’s house for a birthday party for Obi! ARG! I had completely forgotten, and the main reason I forgot was because I didn’t sync my PDA at work yesterday, so I never looked at that day’s planned calendar. I quickly called Ericka, and Casey answered the phone.

“Is the party still going on?” I asked, explaining that I had forgotten.

She assured me it was still happening, so I ran upstairs, brushed my teeth, threw on some shoes and hit the road. Denis stayed home with the kids and to watch baseball.

I show up and I can tell the party is pretty low-key at that point (after all, I was a full two hours late). Marty begins to show me his very cool pictures from his trip out west (Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Nevada) when Obi starts saying goodbye to people.

“Uh, hello,” I said to him. “I just got here and you’re leaving?”

Apologetically he said, “Yeah, but I’m not leaving to have fun – I’m working.”

“Yeah okay. :whatever:”

So he left, I continued to look at Marty’s pictures (note to self: you need to go to Vegas, Grand Canyon, the Four Corners and Hoover Dam). Cleanup began soon after that, and so after gabbing a bit with the women in the kitchen (I noticed that 95% of the people at Obi’s party were women. What’s up with that, man?) I hit the road and was home by 10pm.

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  1. It came to you because I told you weren’t we supposed to go to Pastor Chris’s house tonight for a party. LOL

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