I Missed “Angel”

Denis and I rented some DVDs the other day and I decided to tape the season finale of “Angel” last night so that we could watch “The Deep End”. The movie ends and upon getting my hands on the “Angel” tape I found that IT DID NOT RECORD. The stupid VCR in our bedroom cut off about 30 seconds after I left the room. So no “Angel” finale.

I’m REALLY ticked off. I mean, I like the show – but I’m not heavily invested in it like I am with “Buffy”. But the fact that I stuck through this stupid Connor storyline for a whole season only to not see HOW THE SEASON ENDS? That’s just not kosher.

Tonight is the two-hour “Buffy” finale. I’ve decided to go to Costco tonight and pick up a VCR to replace the crap one in our bedroom. We have one more DVD to sit through tonight and I’m pretty apprehensive about leaving a VCR alone to do it’s job. Must I micro-manage everything?

By the way, if you saw the “Angel” finale – please don’t comment with the cliffhanger results – I’m planning on catching a copy of it later in the week from someone. So don’t spoil it for me – even if it’s not worth the wait!

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  1. You missed Angel?! It’s on tonight up here in Canada, and again I think around midnight on Thursday night. I’ve been meaning to buy the cable that will allow me to use my VCR with my digital cable receiver. Maybe this is my encouragement. I’ll see if Radio Shack has what I need, and if so I may be sending you some VCR love.

    Since I’m generally very stoned by the time Angel comes on, and the show is delayed an hour tonight because of the 2 hour Buffy-stravaganza, I take no responsibility for the quality of the tape.

    If you’ve got access to an easier to obtain copy, email me (jamese@ikonoklast.net) and save me the effort. But if not, I’m there for you.

  2. “…upon getting my hands on the “Angel” tape…”; translation: Denis got up, went upstairs and brought down the tape. No trouble, dear. I hear the new VCR you’re getting retrieves tapes. *lol*

    Just joking, I was heading that way (upstairs) anyway. *smooches*

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