I Married An Idea Man

From time to time Denis will come up with some “brilliant” idea that he swears could make him a million dollars. The ideas are usually in the same vein as the potato chip bag clip thingie that replaced the clothespin back in the 80s. But not as good.

Denis’ latest idea was so….well, let’s face it – awful…that I decided to post about it. We were watching tv the other night and a T-mobile commercial came on with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Denis promptly said something along the lines of, “You know, these phone services use celebrity endorsements in their commercials, but a good way to ensure success would be to promote ‘celebrity minutes’ and allow each user have a select number of minutes per year on their plan when they could speak to a celebrity on the cellphone.”

Yeah, go ahead and read that again. I’ll wait for you.

Now, do you really think someone like Catherine Zeta-Jones is going to set aside THAT much time per year to talk to freaky cellphone customers? I told Denis the only way it could work is if it’s a D-list celebrity. Then I reaffirmed that by saying, “I can only see celebrities who participate in celebrity boxing being willing to do it because they have nothing better to do.”

Denis still swears it’s a good idea.

Sure, if you want to talk to Arnold Horshack.

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  1. I am married to one too. He’s a mechanical engineer by schooling but thinks he has the edge on coming up with “brilliant” new designs for things. Of course I see the (serious) flaws in his ideas. I am so practical. I am sure it kills all the joy he has out of it. He is the same way around the house–can *think* about what needs to be done but ne’er action to follow (unless I use some motivational force on him). Who knows, maybe one day he will have an idea that makes a million and I will eat my words!

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