I Love The Smell Of Coupons In The Morning

This morning after I dropped off CootieGirl at school, CootieBoy and I headed over to Harris Teeter to take advantage of triple coupons. I didn’t want to wait until the weekend because I knew the shelves would be empty all weekend.

It was an effective morning – everything I wanted was on the shelves, and I was able to use the full 20 coupon per day limit. I’ll go back tomorrow for the rest of the stuff.

In the end, I got $74.86 worth of groceries for $24.99. The only thing I paid full-price for were the golden delicious apples that CB insisted I buy. They were $5. So if I hadn’t bought those, I would have spent $20 on $60 in product.

Either way, it was nice to shop in the morning – much like when I shop at night, there was no one there and I got in and out of there quickly and was able to get CB to school just in time for breakfast. And the bonus by going this morning and tomorrow morning? No need to rush around on Sunday doing the shopping! It’ll already be done!

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  1. I like the smell of Donuts in the morning… Ooo and Waffles, oh how I love the smell of Waffles, with some nice syrup and a lovely pat of butter.


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