I Love “The Simple Life”

I love reality tv. I especially love The Simple Life, which premiered tonight. I love seeing pompous self-centered people become the object of mockery. Take, for instance, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Please.

Greatest moment in tonight’s episode that showcased their incredible real-world lack of exposure:

The girls at the grocery pick up too many things and end up getting $65 worth of groceries (they only have $50). They ask the checkout guy if they can just take them all anyway. He laughs and says, “No, what do you think this is – a soup kitchen?”

Moments later the girls leave with only $50 worth of groceries and load up the truck. As they drive off, you can hear Paris ask, “What’s a soup kitchen?”

Now that’s ridiculous. You would think that girls that go to “prestigious” schools and live these incredible lives would take pride in themselves and actually try to be intelligent. Or at least not lie on their biographies on the website. It claims Paris is “involved with charities”. Yeah, and yet somehow missed what a soup kitchen is. Seems to me that her involvement with charities is probably attending $10K a plate dinners held by Liz Taylor or the Glazers and schmoozing and fawning for the cameras. Honey, that’s not charity work, even if a charity does get some nice cash.

But you know what? I’m still hooked and plan on watching the entire series of episodes. If only to watch The Gals be put in their place by their amazingly patient (and brave) hosts.

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  1. I was laughing hysterically.

    “What’s Wal-Mart? … So, what, is it a place that sells walls or something?”

    That was my absolute favorite part. The looks of astonishment by the host family at the first question followed by their outbursts of laughter at the second.

    Brilliant. And I’m hooked as well.

  2. Alas, all may not be as it seems. A co-worker told me that she heard that Paris actually DOES know what Wal-Mart is, and said something different, but then the director said, “Say that again, only like this,” and basically had her say it a different way, as though she DIDN’T know what Wal-MArt was.

    So I’ll take this show with a grain of salt, but I still think the girls are dumber than bricks.

  3. Funny stuff…

    I take all of these shows with a HUGE grain of salt. Remember Ozzy’s endearing speech to his kids (paraphrasing here) “… I love you more than life itself, but you’re all mad!” Well, it took him several takes to get right, heck they even admitted that a lot of it is scripted.

    Just take it for what it is, entertainment. I’m personally waiting for Tinkerbell to get mauled by a housecat, or goat. Either or.

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