I Love eBay

I love eBay. Today one of our employees brought in some girl scout cookies had bought in Boston. I suddenly had a HUGE hankerin’ for some girl scout cookies of my very own. Went online to eBay and VOILA – within minutes I had ordered a case of cookies (that’s 12 boxes). 3 boxes of thin mints, 3 boxes of samoas, 3 boxes of do-si-dos, and then one box each of trefoils, animal treasures and the new one, pinatas. Then I went over to another guy’s auction and bid on two boxes of the new double chocolate crunch cookies they have now.

I love eBay!!

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  1. Good grief, that’s a lot of cookies. I would bet there is a little girl in your church or in your neighborhood who could have helped you out.

  2. I had a dream last night that someone told us their kid was selling Girl Scout cookies. Don’t know who it was, but there has to be someone around selling them, right? But Jaynee got a good price on them, and she NEEDED them.

  3. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy them not have one thim mint then want to puke and you have a boat load of girl scout cookies that make you want to hurl! If that does happen…I will be happy to take them off your hands!!! Except the samoas I don’t like them I LOVE tag a longs though! MMMMmmmm girl scout cookies!

  4. Do you think you’ll still have some of them in May? I’ll be happy to help you divest yourselves of them when I’m up there with O.


  5. What?! No tagalongs??!! *G* I ordered 8 boxes of tagalongs from a friend’s daughter and 2 of those new chocolate ones. She’s already tried them and said they were delicious!

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