I Love A Good Stockpile

I haven’t talked in a while about my Grocery Game happenings. I have been doing it every other week and haven’t felt the need to post about it. Suffice to say I’m averaging 50% savings every time I go. Today, however, I felt I needed to post because I got some GREAT deals today!

I went to Lowes first. I didn’t buy too much there, but what I did buy was a nice bargain:

Total # of items: 27
Total original price: $47.03
Discounts via sales and coupons: $27.84
Total paid: $19.19

I stocked up on frozen entrees for lunch at work (in fact, $10 of the $19 were my $1 Michelina’s entrees), soap which was on sale, juice packets for the kids, cereal, toothpaste, and some sliced deli meats. The biggest bargain? A free tube of toothpaste – it was on sale and my coupon doubled, making it free.

So I came home and dropped off that stuff, then headed out to Harris Teeter. I did GREAT at HT this week.

Total # of items: 33
Total original price: $142.27
Discounts via sales and coupons: $78.74
Total paid: $63.53

At HT I bought a lot of big ticket items – feminine products being the main thing since the sales and coupons were decent. But can I just tell you how great I did on shampoo? There were THREE Suave shampoo coupons in today’s circulars. One was 50 cents of one bottle. HT had it on sale for 88 cents. With the 50 cent coupon doubled, that shampoo was free. Then there was a $1.00/2 Suave shampoos. Buy two for $1.76, get the dollar coupon off, spend 38 cents on each shampoo. Lastly, there was a $2.00/3 Suave coupon. Buy three for $2.64, get $2 off, pay 21 cents for each shampoo. So all total I got six bottles of Suave shampoo for only $1.40. Nice. Then my other good shampoo deal was quite accidental. Certain Aussie shampoos are on sale this week for $2.44. I had two $2/2 coupons, making them $1.44 per bottle, which is a 64% savings from their original price. Well, when I got up to the checkout, they rang up at $3.49 each instead of $2.44. I told the checkout woman they were $2.44, and she had someone go check. The manager came back with her and said I was right, and as an apology for the wrong scan, they’d give me one of the bottles for free. Great! Then as the checkout woman was scanning my coupons I realized my second $2/2 coupon now wouldn’t work since I only had 3 bottles on my ticket. I told her as much so she could return the coupon to me and she said, “Don’t worry – I’ll make it work.” And she did. So I got four bottles of Aussie shampoo for only $3.32, or 83 cents a bottle. That’s a bargain – Aussie shampoos normally go for $3.99! Obviously I’m stocked up on shampoo now. *lol* And soap. And tissues. And feminine products.

Today’s entire roundup from two stores:

Total # of items: 60
Total original price: $189.30
Discounts via sales and coupons: $106.58
Total paid: $82.72
Total percentage saved: 56%

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