I Like Reality TV a Little Too Much, Methinks

Okay, so this week is Reality TV week, and I’m a complete sucker for it.

Yes, I watched Joe Millionaire – that show cracked me up and I really hope he picks Heidi in the end just so I can see her face when he tells her he’s broke.

Yes, I watched The Bachelorette – I didn’t like Trista from what I saw in “The Bachelor”, and I still don’t care for her much. But she has good taste in men – out of the 15 men she picked last night, I liked about 8 of them and think she only picked the other 7 for entertainment tv purposes.

Yes, I watched Celebrity Mole – between Stephen Baldwin and Kathy Griffin I was kept laughing the whole hour. Yes, I’ll be tuning in next week, despite the fact that my lovely Anderson Cooper is not the host.

In other news, I do occasionally watch PBS. Just so you know.

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  1. *lol*

    Antiques Roadshow is PBS’ version of Reality TV. I don’t think that counts for anything.

    Now, if you had said you watched Masterpiece Theater or something similar that would have redeemed you. 😉

  2. ok, what about TLC? Or Discovery Health? I watch those channels a lot – it’s not public tv, but it’s “educational” (despite also being reality tv, in a way)…

  3. *ahem* “A Baby Story” is educational TV for the pregnant woman so it counts. Jaynee told me that she learned about meconium watching that show so that is educational TV watching!! Oh and don’t forget 1800’s house that was on PBS. I am just as bad as you!!! But I am planning on watching Freedom: The History of Us on PBS this weekend!

  4. I didn’t say you couldn’t learn something from A Baby Story, just that it’s not like watching a documentary about the Pyramids or the like.

    1800s House is also reality TV. *cough*

    The Freedom thing could count as truly educational. Now that’s what I’m talking about…or maybe NOVA. Heh.

  5. Well having been through my own baby story I have to say that show is far from reality but I guess it is supposed to be reality TV.

    OK OK I admit it I am a reality TV junkie just like Jaynee and I am so mad I missed the dumb Bachelorette last night because I want to see her cry like a fool and I hope that the gold diggers go down on Joe Millionaire and I LOVE watching it!!! But it’s OK because I watch Friends too and that is not reality!!!

  6. You do realize that I’m totally kidding, right? I love reality TV as much as you guys. I mean, I’m the one who read the snarky recaps of The Amazing Race every week at Television Without Pity!

  7. Of course I realize that you are kidding!!! Here is reality for you…I just gave Grace a bath…and made her cry trying to get a huge booger out her nose with a Q-tip because she hates the nose sucky thing!! They don’t show you THAT on a Baby Story (sorry if you had a dry heave Jaynee!!)

  8. Have you ever thought about creating your own little Cootiehog chat room where you, your sister, Tara and some of the irregulars (like myself) can hang out. So much quicker than posting here. Just a thought.

  9. If you look at the time spread between comments, I don’t know that a chat room was really necessary. I doubt any of us are at cootiehog all at the same time.

    But it’s worth a try since Jane went to the trouble of creating the room.

    *pause to go to room*

    There’s no one there…

  10. You are probably right. I was just in there myself but nobody there. It would be nice if you could have a list of who’s in the room on the home page so you know if it’s worth going in. More to come. Good night.

  11. I’ll try to be there at 10am tomorrow…and the nose blowing thing is how she gets so completely grossed out with anything to do with the blowing of the nose. Especially in the kitchen.

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