I Like Oatmeal

I recently started eating oatmeal again for breakfast. We got a huge box at Costco – something like 50 individual packets for $1. I brought them into work and have been having a bowl of oatmeal each workday for breakfast. The flavors were Cinammon Bun, Maple & Brown Sugar, Cinammon & Spice and Regular. This morning all I had left was one Cinammon & Spice and 4 Regulars. Deciding to save the C&S, I grabbed a Regular. Ugh – that stuff is nasty. I took the other three Regulars and put them in the kitchen here at my office. Quickly made the C&S to cover the awful taste left in my mouth from the Regular. From now on I’m just buying the specific flavors instead of the catch-all boxes at Costco. Or better yet, I’ll see if my company (which keeps the kitchen fully stocked with tasty treats) will consider switching out the 100 boxes of Raisin Bran for 50 of RB and 50 oatmeals.

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