I Knew She’d Win

I called it. After she won her individual episode, I just knew Delisa Stiles was going to win the Swan pageant. Yes, it’s tacky reality tv, but I still watch. And last night’s uncomfortable “pageant” crowned the right girl in the end – after all, she got served DIVORCE papers while undergoing the Swan sabbatical.

She was also very masculine going into the program, since she was in the military and had a thick body frame. I also appreciate that while they did a lot of surgeries on her she still sort of looks like she did before the facial surgeries. I can see hints of the original Delisa in there, whereas with some of the other women they are unrecognizable.

As much as I’d love a tummy tuck and some lipo, I don’t think I’d ever have my face altered – that would be too weird.

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  1. Wd caught a bit of that last night. I didn’t watch all season, but when she came out last night I knew she would be the winner. She was pretty to begin with, imho, her frame notwithstanding. I can’t help but wonder what her husband is thinking now.

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