I Hope She Knows…This Means War

So my sister has been rudely putting up pictures of me on her website. Oh sure, she posts them under the guise of the pictures being all about HER (after all, she’s in all of the pictures), but I know her real agenda is to ruin my good name.

So here are two of the photos:

Now, these pictures were taken when I was in college. Obviously in the first one I had a really bad hair day (stupid perms) and the hat did no good to cover it up. Sure, I’m sitting like a redneck at a Bocephus concert, but I was on vacation. Who on earth dresses to the nines on vacation???

The other picture was obviously taken on my way out somewhere. Or maybe not – because while I was in college, I took great pains with my appearance because I was friends with some very attractive people and felt I needed to keep up (stupid friends). Thus the high stiff bangs that wouldn’t lie down in a hurricane, and the awful overdone makeup. Could I look any more like Dr. Frankenfurther in “Rocky Horror”? The picture is also taken at a bad angle so I look like a fish with my eyes on either side of my head. Ugh.

But rest assured, I’ll find some other pictures. Some of Jen. That aren’t so cute and cuddly like the one I posted a couple days ago when we were kids. Cuz she took some “not so good” pictures too. She will pay. Oh yes, she will pay.

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  1. Heh…

    I love that the hat sits on top of your big hair. And you had graduated from college already when we went to Disney.

    Have no fear, I will be scanning some not so cute pics of myself tomorrow to add to the collection – pre-braces bad teeth, big glasses, and all.

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  3. Actually, the picture on the right is awesome, very flattering, and shows your TRUE beauty. The camera angle just makes you looked a bit washed out, the make-up doesn’t do that. I love how you look in this picture! And you didn’t do it for other people, it was the way you all looked then. That was the norm. I long for those days. Can we go back to the old days, please???

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