I Heart Kathy Griffin

Last night I had the good fortune to watch Kathy Griffin: The D-List, on Bravo. It was one hour of her standup and it was hilarious. What I love about Kathy Griffin is that she pretty much gets all her material from real life and her encounters with other celebrities. She’s a self-proclaimed D-Lister, and freely tells stories about Anna Nicole Smith, Sharon Stone, and Whitney Houston. I just wish the special had been longer – like 90 minutes on HBO, instead of 42 minutes interrupted by commercials on Bravo.

I ended up missing the American Idol results, but I saw this morning that Matt Rogers got the boot. I’m glad – he wasn’t a strong contender. However, he wasn’t the WORST of the night, so I don’t understand the numbskulls that are voting. CAMILLE WAS BY FAR THE WORST. Why on earth is she still there? And why on earth was Diana in the bottom three – she’s a GREAT singer with lots of personality. Sure, she can be a bit too bubbly at times, but she’s TALENTED, people.

Either way, try to find Kathy Griffin’s special if it re-airs on Bravo. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I almost called you last night when I found Kathy Griffin. She is stinkin’ funny. I missed the first 20 minutes, so I’ll be hunting down that repeat.

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