I Have a Kindergartener

So this morning I got CootieGirl all registered for kindergarten. Her school looks very nice. They had me fill out a bunch of paperwork and then gave her the screening. That involved a hearing test, a sight test, a physical test (jumping, hopping, skipping), followed up with the knowledge test. The knowledge test involved identifying letters, numbers, shapes. It involved knowing personal information (birthday, home address, phone number). She does not know her phone number. I started to teach her when we first moved down here, but she wouldn’t focus, so I gave up. Now that she’s older I’ll try again. She had to write her name (she puts flowers over the “i”s in her name). She did a great job, was very comfortable, and I think she’ll enjoy being at school.

They asked what kind of learning she likes (hearing, seeing, doing), as well as for her general personality. They asked me what kind of teacher I want for her (I said someone who praises for good behavior and explains WHY misbehavior is unacceptable; someone who is willing to let the lesson go off-topic if a student has curiosity about a parallel detail, someone who nurtures rather than dictates – she gets enough dictatorship at home *lol*).

All in all it took about an hour and CG was very chirpy when we left, which means she enjoyed it.

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