I Hate Chicks With Attitude

Okay, so what’s the deal with the chicks on American Idol getting all uptight when they receive constructive criticism? Throughout the past few weeks, a LOT of the women have been throwing attitude towards Simon for what I consider to be relatively helpful comments. Sure, they are couched in slightly stinging words, but for the most part he speaks the truth.

Justin Guarini got kudos for talking back last seasons, but he did it in a more polite manner – he basically said, “let the audience decide”. But these ladies of Season Two feel free to insult Simon and even dare to say he is a nobody who shouldn’t judge them. Uh hello – he’s a JUDGE. That’s what judges do. What cracked me up last night was when one of the chicks (I won’t bother to mention any of their names since none of them were good last night) asked Randy who he even was. Uh, honey, he’s a multi-million dollar producer of female artists that actually have more talent than you, that’s who he is.

But enough of that – my picks for the night were easily Joshua Gracin and Chip Days. Joshua in particular blew me away – he has gotten better with each performance, and I’m so happy that he’ll definitely be moving on. The song he sang was a PERFECT fit for him, although I would have taken it down one more key level to make sure he didn’t shout the high notes. But it was still excellent. And Chip Days – what can I say? I loved his voice. I was sad when the judges said that he had no personality while singing – I thought he emoted well with the camera.

But ugh – why on EARTH did they stand and applaud for that guy Corey Clark? He did NOT do well, the song was not good on him, and frankly, in my mind he has NO presence whatsoever.

I hope that Jason and Chip move on. With, much as I hate to say it, Corey in third. Frankly, everyone else sucked (even Rock Star Patrick, who I was rooting for but didn’t do well). But I fear that because Paula and Randy stood to clap for Corey that the nation will be fooled into thinking he’s actually a better singer than Chip, which he’s not.

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  1. 😆

    Denis is funny.

    I still need to watch it…I’ll chime in with my $0.02 when I have viewed for myself.

    Isn’t odd that in the first episodes it seemed that the men sucked, but in these rounds they’re the ones who are better?

  2. OK, I watched Tuesday’s episode and I completely agree with your assessment. I think the contestants feel emboldened to talk back to the judges somehow, which is kind of rude really.

    As for Corey, he does have stage presence, but Chip is definitely the better singer. And I’m loving Joshua more and more each time I see him.

    Juanita took the #1 rude prize for me. She was not good and her “you don’t know me” comment was hilarious. Of course they don’t know you, sweetheart…you’re a nobody. Who *they* are are multi-million dollar record producers. You seemed to forget that little tidbit of info. That’s how they are qualified to judge you.

  3. Corey may not be the most consistent singer, but he has far more potential, style, and presence than Josh and Chip combined. Corey oozes with potential, as he has a unique and different style, which can’t be duplicated. Josh will not win because he is too country sounding and Chip doesn’t have a chance because he has the motown feel, which Rubben has locked. Corey is probably one of the bigger competitors, as long as he gets his rest.

  4. I thought Joshua was great! I don’t like Corey. He’s just a suck up who can’t even sing and Paula likes him cuz he kissed her hand. When they stood up I almost died because of how shocked I was!!!

  5. You people don’t know a thing!

    Corey Clark aint no suck. He is the prime candidate to win. Josh doesn’t have a chance. Sure, he seves and protects our country, but that doesn’t make him the most talented singer. Hell no! Corey Clark will go farther than you expect because he brings a unique dimension to the males’ competition. He has the best range, without a doubt. I do respect your criticism, but i’m just giving you my opinion, but this opinion is reflected by many others. C.C. all da way brova!

  6. I believe Corey Clark had the best performance of the group. I understand how some people would be disgusted with his behaviour earlier in the show, but that has nothing to do with his performance. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe the standing ovation was a bit much, but you know how those judges are…they blow everything out of proportion. I do believe there were other good performances that night, but Corey was the top one for me personally. I just feel he brings something different to the competition. He doesn’t have that cookie-cutter/we’ve seen it before vibe, and is far more interesting to watch than many of the other contestants…Josh still rocked though! Anyway, that’s just my opinion!

  7. i am a big american idol fan and like you i thought chip and josh should have won some of the people who are in the finals are really bad exp Corey whats up with americas votes

  8. I watch American Idol tonight and was very impress with Corey’s performance. To all his critics, say what you like, but “stardom” is written all over his name. I think his voice is so unique and his range is awesome.

    In addition, he has versatility when it comes to style and a striking! stage presence. A real performer! He will make it both as a singer and a movie star.

  9. Are you all drunk? That range you speak of is called high pitched and out of tune. And he’s unique because no one else would want to sing like him. Style? He braided his hair last night because he didn’t feel like washing it. The major problem we have right now is he’s even fooled Simon. We might as well just go to war with Iraq so the news can pre-empt the show.

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