I Hate Being Sick

Ugh…I’m sick. Not an achoo kind of sick, but a stomach flu kind of sick. I hate that. There’s some sort of virus going around – I wonder if I have it? Or was it just something I ate? Who knows, but either way, my stomach is NOT happy with me – hasn’t been happy since 5:30 p.m. yesterday. I’m probably going to leave early from work today. You can’t really be productive when you are doubled over at your desk.

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  1. Please tell me it wasn’t the Port Authority popcorn that made you ill. Something that smells so good can’t be the cause of debilitating cramps or stomach unpleasantness. Say it isn’t so!

    Oh, and hope you’re feeling better too 🙂

  2. The good news is there is no easier, quicker way to lose wait than to get sick. Unfortunately, much of that weight comes back. Hope you feel better, cootiehog.

  3. Phern – luckily no, it wasn’t the PA popcorn – I haven’t had that since last week. =)

    And Denis, YOU are the cootiehog, not me. Please see the FAQ if you have any doubts about that.

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