I Got Nothin’ Today

Sorry I haven’t posted today – but I have nothing to share.

Last night was uneventful – I picked up the kids, we went out for pizza, we did homework, we played a little Lego Star Wars, they went to bed and I watched TV. Thrilling!

The only interesting thing is that I got a lead on a plot of land that is for sale in Fort Mill for a reasonable price and for a decent amount of land. With a little further investigation I found out what the land next to the lot we own sold for, and figure we can get a couple thousand more since our lot is bigger. If we were make an offer on the bigger lot contingent on the sale of our current lot, we could end up with 4x the land for only a little bit more money. Something worth thinking about, and I’ve email Denis about it to get his feedback. There are definitely pros and cons to the bigger lot, which I laid out for Denis in an email. Do the pros outweigh the cons? I honestly don’t know.

Update at 1:20 p.m.: Turns out, the cons outweigh the pros significantly. Turns out that a neighbor’s driveway runs through the lot AND it’s an irregular lot (re: it’s an L-shaped lot). And, what is hard to see because of the trees on the back of the lot, there are power lines that run through a portion of the lot, meaning that a house can ONLY be put on the very back of the lot – the front of the lot is unbuildable.

No wonder it’s going so cheaply!!

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