I Got a Gold Box – FINALLY!

After hearing Phern go on and on about his Amazon Gold Box, I finally got one! I’ve been a loyal customer at Amazon since they first started online, so it’s about time I get one. I now feel that the 1000s of dollars I’ve spent hasn’t been a waste.

Granted, none of the offers were good – but I’m just happy to be included.

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  1. I think I’ve placed three orders on Amazon my entire life, and I’ve had a gold box for about two months. What’s the big deal? I thought everyone got one? And you’re right. The offers are a waste of time. I guess I got the box before you because my credit is so much better. *lol*

  2. LOL

    If I worked for Amazon, I would say, “Welcome to the Gold Box club, enjoy the useless junk we will gladly Fedex you, but wouldn’t be caught dead with.”

    The gold box is obviously powered by a fun new “crazy logic” script, creditworthyness not withstanding 😉

  3. Don’t worry. No useless Amazon junk coming to this address. Thanks for the offer though. Hope you’ve moved on to better things, Phern.

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