I Get My Bed Back

CootieGirl is finally getting better. She has been sick since Friday but this afternoon had a remarkable improvement and is currently sleeping in her own bed. That’s tremendous because she gets really needy when she is sick and refuses to sleep in her bed.

She is still very congested but hasn’t gotten out of bed in the past 90 minutes, so I think we’re safe (knock on wood, of course). CootieBoy just had a bottle and passed out as well. Yay! for a quiet night!

I went shopping at Dress Barn and picked up a new suit for dirt cheap. I’m going to give it a shot wearing it to work tomorrow. It’s quite snazzy (for me, that is – it’s probably kinda boring for the typical office worker) and it actually fits, which is always a bonus.

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  1. Hey, that’s awesome! You never know when you’ll need to have a nice business suit on hand. *wink*

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