I Don’t Ask For Much

So the Big Game Lottery is up to $50 million for tonight’s drawing. Yes, Denis and I will be buying tickets tonight on the way home from work. And I’ve picked out my latest dream house in the event that we win. Y’all are welcome to visit.

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  1. That’s a great house, and I’m glad to see we’ll be staying in the neighborhood, but what’s up with that ugly radiator in picture number 3. Yucky! That would have to go. Can we afford to do that with $50M?

  2. I don’t see any radiators in the third picture – maybe I’m missing something. Either way, yes, with $50M ($21.1M after taxes!), we’ll have plenty to do any changes to the house after we move in. =) And enough room that we can go back and adopt Big Red. YAY!

  3. There is definitely a radiator in the back left in that pic. You can also see at least one in plain sight in the 360 degree stuff.

    As you said, we could do whatever we wanted at that point. I like the house. Hope we win tonight. Don’t forget to play.

  4. Upon reviewing the photos I saw that indeed, there is a radiator in that picture. However, it can be covered with a nice radiator cover – not the metal ones in our current house, but a nice, wood, painted cover that can double as a seat or side table. It can be done. WOO HOO!!!

  5. *annoyed that wander-lust issues kept me out all day*

    Can I come live with you? I’ll be your pet nanny. Oh! and the live-in auntie to Owen/CootieGirl. =)

  6. We didn’t win the lottery, and the jackpot is up to $59M. I think that house is still on the market. This is all working out according to plan.

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