I Did So Well There For A While

Hey there, folks! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! And I did so well in the first couple weeks – posting almost every day! But frankly, there wasn’t much to talk about this week, and I already bore you enough with the content I write about here. Why add to your misery? *lol*

So let’s see, when I left you last, I had started work on some container gardening for my flower bulbs. I managed to finish them all – I have seven in total filled with bulbs. I put them in the shed so they could enjoy the freezing temperatures without being directly exposed, and then the deep freeze ended and we had temps in the 50s the last couple of days. *sigh* I brought them back outside yesterday and covered them in some rubber mulch and left them out to enjoy the fresh air and rain that we had last night.

At the same time I did the container gardening project I also worked with CootieGirl and started some regular flower seeds in a seed-starter kit at Lowe’s. There are 72 pods in total, and after less than a week we have over 40 showing stems already!! I did not think we’d have that level of success, but sure enough – I may have to get a couple containers for those in a few weeks!

Movies I’ve seen lately include “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” which is a golf movie starring Shia LaBeouf that was pretty good. I also saw “The Return,” which is a Russian movie with subtitles about two boys whose father returns without explanation after a 12 year absence. That was also a good movie, although it did not have a typical Hollywood ending (which makes sense, since it’s a Russian movie). There was also “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” with Jen Garner and Matthew McConaghey. Those are some might fine-lookin’ people right there. Cute movie.

In TV news I’m very sad I don’t have HBO because The Ricky Gervais Show starts this weekend. What is that? Well, you may recall I’m a HUGE fan of his podcasts that he did a few years ago. Turns out, they have turned those podcasts into ANIMATION. You may recall I once posted some animation from the podcast a couple years ago. Here it is again:

See how awesome that is? They have now turned their ENTIRE PODCAST SERIES into animation. I’m seriously debating getting HBO just so I can see it. Because I don’t know if I want to wait for it to come out on Netflix.

In book news, I’m still making my way through “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.” I’m up to Disc 11 (of 14). The layout of the book improved by about Disc 3 – it was less reading of a list and more details, as I hoped it would be. Some of the things those poor people suffered through – WOW. The sheer violence of the torture of ancient Christians is astounding. Not just hangings, not just burning at the stake, not just guillotines, not just prison. But out-and-out torture. Many a time during the course of this book I’ve thought, “There’s no way I could go through that. EVER.” Makes me pray even more fervently that if the Rapture happens in my life time, let it happen BEFORE the Tribulation, not AFTER. Because I assume all those same tortures that I’m hearing about will come right back once the Tribulation starts. What’s even scarier? As much as I think this can’t happen in a civilized society – I bet there are parts of the world where this is still happening today. We just don’t hear about it on the news. A horrifying thought.

That’s about it, really. Work continues to go well. I got a scanner on Friday so that I don’t have to keep pestering my co-admin to scan stuff for me. That’ll cut down on my wait time (I’ve taken on a huge project that requires a LOT of scanning). My 90-day probation period ends in about four weeks. And my Utah trip is another 2-3 weeks after that! WOW! I can’t believe the time is finally almost here!

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  1. Sounds as if you had a good week. I am never bored by reading your posts, BTW!

    Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus!

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